The following info is about a great initiative to get more people cycling.  While Team MK club members are already hooked on cycling we thought it would be great if members still signed up for the scheme and we can see how many points we can earn by adding all our rides to the scheme.  Check out the details as follows:

Cycle September Milton Keynes is completely free to take part in and people can cycle anywhere they like and as often as they like during September. They only need to ride for 10 minutes or more to participate.  To take part  your members will need to sign up at Love to Ride Milton Keynes and log their rides throughout September. Why should they sign up? Well everyone who signs up has a chance of winning one of the host of great prizes. 

Anyone can win a prize just for riding their bike! Anyone signing up will need to be at least 14 years of age.

If they wish members can also encourage others to sign up too - be they friends or relations and of course they can also involve their own place of work if they wish to do so. Please share information about this initiative throughout your Club and with all of your members, Club partner organisations and sponsors.


You can see a list of prizes  here but in short there are 3 bikes and £500 off your next bike’ prize plus loads of other goodies coming on board every day from bike shop vouchers, to helmets, bike parts, holidays, gym memberships, body fat analysis etc.


Three bikes will be given away to Milton Keynes participants
£500 off the cost of a new bike for downloading and using the Ride Report app 
More information on prizes can be found on the website


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