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The session length is 1 hour for the youngest groups and 1 and ½ hours for the older riders.

The Venue is The National Bowl, Milton Keynes, and entrance is via the Chafron Way gate.

We are primarily a cycle racing club and the sessions will be built around racing and the skills required to race. You don’t have to race to attend and we try and make sure we have groups that cover all abilities and ambitions. These sessions do not cover road safety as you might find in Bikeability.

Our season is split up as follows:

Sept – Dec: Off-road: Coaching takes place on the grass and banks of the bowl, with the focus on the skills needed for Cyclocross.

A Parental consent form will be required to be completed before the rider can participate. If you are new and not a club member you can try a couple of session but after this we require the rider taking part to be a member of the club

The sessions vary but the standard format tend to follow:

Arrive sign in. (Please do not be late as this makes it difficult for the coaches to integrate the late comer into the session)

Coaching groups decided and coaches allocated – Please don’t decide which group you are in listen to the coach’s direction. If you feel the session is too hard then let the coach know during the session and they will either modify what is being done or place you in another group. If you feel that the session is too easy please don’t put yourself in the next group up. We don’t group on age and fitness we group on the ability to master the skills safely so everyone stays safe. The coach needs to decide how good you are, don’t take this responsibility on yourself

Warm up, Skills element, Fitness element, Competition element, Cool down.

What to bring:

We expect riders to bring a serviceable bike that is suitable to use for the session. For the youngest riders something that has 2 working breaks. For the older riders they need 2 brakes and gears. You don’t need a specific road bike in the summer or cyclocross bike in the autumn. However, come cyclocross season you bike will need knobbly tyres. Also, it may be difficult to include riders with flat bars in some of the more advanced sessions. Whatever the bike it needs to be maintained, coaches don’t have time in the sessions to do running repairs.

A Helmet – this needs to be the right size and be adjusted properly. If you are not sure about this arrive a few minutes early and get one of the coaches to verify it’s OK

Gloves or Cycling Mitts – Even in the summer as we are not trying to keep your hands warm we are trying to stop you grazing them when you fall off.

Clothing suitable for the weather (we won’t stop if it rains or turns cold) – make sure clothing on the lower body is not able to interfere with the chain, this includes shoe laces which need to be tucked in.

A Drink (It is also a good idea to have a snack for the finish). For all but the youngest riders this needs to be attached to the bike, or in the rider’s jersey pocket.


We ask that parents of new and younger children stay for the entire session, we encourage all parents to stay as this helps with the family feel we have in the youth section. If you are going to leave your child we must have an emergency contact number and you must be back prior to the session end.

Other information about sessions etc

All coaches have a British Cycling qualification and first aid certificate, we are a ClubMark approved club.

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