What is your membership subscription for?

Team Milton Keynes is a large club covering a wide range of activities.  By becoming a member you gain access to these activities and enable the club organisation to support members with the following:

Affiliation to the main sports bodies that govern and support our events and coaching activities and which provide insurance cover for the club organisation and events

  • Coaching and first aid training to deliver a range of coaching for all ages
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Provision of the club website to support communication of activities
  • Support club events such as the AGM and annual awards night
  • Discounts at a number of local organisations and suppliers

We don’t generally charge any fees for our coaching or training activities other than to cover the hire of facilities when needed and race competitor support funding is covered by the income we receive from holding events.

1.  When do you need to join?

Our website shows the general range of our activities on the Welcome page and you very welcome to come along for taster sessions to see if what the club offers is for you.  If you decide that you want to continue with either training or joining activities such as Saturday club rides then you will need to become a member.  For club rides this will be after two club rides.

2.  Annual Membership Subscription Fees

Please see the following table of membership fees

 Type of Membership    Notes
 Adult Membership  £25  
 Family Membership  £44  
 Membership - No Online payment  £0 Members paying by cash or cheque and additional family members
 Milton Keynes Athletic Club Membership  £15 Members of Milton Keynes Athletic Club can join and  take part in general and Triathlon activities.
 Senior Citizen  £15 Over the current state retirement age for men
 Unwaged  £15 Currently Unemployed
 Youth / Under 23  £15

Youth and Under 23 years of age









Membership is for a full calendar year, reduced membership offered for part years when available.  Reminders to renew will be sent by email before the end of your membership year.

3. How to join – new to the club

If you wish to join Team Milton Keynes please start by Registering your details including the type of membership you require which you select at Member group.  You will then receive an email link to verify your email address and send an approval request to the club.  Once your application is approved you will receive an invitation to pay for the membership type you have selected.  

When you are approved you have full access to the website and must complete payment of your membership within 7 days.  If payment is not received after 7 days your approval will be withdrawn.

4.  How to join – Family membership new to the club

Family membership is offered at reduced rates so that all the family can be members.  Each member of the family must be Registered individually so that their full details, name and date of birth are recorded.  This means that each family member including all children must have a unique email address.  Setting up multiple addresses on one account is an option with most email accounts.

The first family member to apply should Register and select Family Membership from Member group - the approval and invitation to pay process will then begin.  This person also needs to add the names of all the family members that are included in the application to the text box About Me which can be found in Settings

Once the first family member has joined each of the included family members needs to be Registered selecting Non on-line payment from Member group.  The payment process using a payment card will also need to be completed but no payment is taken.

5. Ways to pay

Payment can be made on-line by bank or credit card via the membership system that uses the Stripe payment system.  You will receive an email with a code to verify your payment.

If you don’t want to pay on-line you can pay by cash or cheque – please contact to arrange payment.  Submit your details on-line by selecting Membership No on-line payment.

6. Returning member

If you are re-joining and your membership has lapsed you may already have an account and can login using your previous password.

7. Renewing member

If you are renewing you will have received a reminder email with a link asking you to pay your next year’s subscription.

8. Changing and managing personal details

You can update your details at any time by logging in and editing your profile. You can also use your settings and profile to set what personal information can be seen by other members. 

9.  ID Tags – Membership card

Once you have joined you will be sent a link and discount code to enable you to apply for a Club Identity Tag should you want one.  This serves as your membership card to obtain any discounts available as well as an emergency information tag that you should keep with you at all times.

10.  Parental Consent Forms

It is necessary to obtain consent for your child to take part in Go-Ride/Team Milton Keynes Cycling and Multisport-based activities including swimming.

A consent form (See below) must be completed and signed for all youths under the age of 16.  This is required for them to be able to participate in any training or activity. (Note this is a British Cycling form but is used for all activities except Time-Trials)

For Club 10 Time-Trial events a specific Cycling Time Trials consent form must be completed when signing on at the Time Trials. 

For youths attending the swim training sessions a Code of Conduct form must also be downloaded and signed

Please print and complete the required form(s) for each child member and bring the form(s) with you and hand to the session coach or administrator at registration. 

When you have submitted a consent form for your child can you update the check box on the child's profile.

Parental Consent Form

Code Of Conduct Form - Swimming