Training at Hillingdon (women only) Day 1

Event Date: 
Sun, 06/11/2011 - 12:15 - 15:45

Kirsty & Dorothy have previously attend these sessions.






Training and racing notes

John Leitch, coach

tel:      01737 84 36 01

m:       079 63 377 249

Training and coaching sessions at Hillingdon cycle circuit for women riders:

* who compete in triathlons (and want to improve their cycling skills)

* who currently race              (all categories of licence)

* who plan to race next year (and so wish to train well this winter)

* who planned to race this summer just gone (but somehow missed out 

                                                            on making a start)

* juniors                                  and                  * youth (U16 and U14)

session 1 - Sunday 6 November 2011

session 2 – Sunday 15 January 2012

Hillingdon is a car-free circuit, so there is no problem with on-coming traffic. It has a smooth tarmac surface and is about 0.9 of a mile round.

The Hillingdon circuit loop includes a straight (often into a headwind), a mild/gentle drag section (that goes on for 250m) and a short fast descent followed by a tight corner (one that you can pedal round and get an advantage over riders who lack the nerve to push forward and who opt to freewheel instead).

This is continuation of the thirteen previous sessions run over the past five winters by Power Pack Coaching/Surrey Cycle Racing League.

They all had a common purpose of looking to get you fit and ready for racing with a combination of individual bike handling skills, group riding and a couple of exercises (in effect mock racing) containing elements of “flat out” effort.

Typical example of what a coaching session might contain:


laps with sprints (so comparable to a points race)

riding in through-and-off groups… the basics…getting closer to other riders’ wheels

three-lap race

15-20 min break

through-and-off…..this time in ability groups so riding at different speeds

skills…such as weaving through cones and cornering

two short races, each with different format…. one a handicap race

timetable:                   assemble at                12.15pm onwards

(to register and warm up)

                                    on the track                1.00pm

                                    finish                           3.15pm – 3.45pm

So hopefully out there, if weather favourable, for a total of 2hr 30min…. or longer if the mid-session break gets extended…. though possibly trimmed back in the case of particularly bad weather.

There is a mid-session break, so please bring a snack/drink.

Hillingdon now boasts a cycle-specific clubhouse… it was opened to quite a fanfare a little over a year ago and it’s mega-posh.

Apart from the large room facing out onto the track that we use for the signing-on, there’s a corridor leading to all sorts of places, most importantly the toilets. Also a cafeteria-type kitchen with the option of boiling water for tea or coffee. 

Bookings made in advance:

Price: £14 each session (or £22 for both)                                  Places: 30

Bookings on the day:

Price: £22 each session

Please note:

Last year we had sufficient numbers to trigger a call for a second coach, so this time I’ve dived in and asked Bee Gregory to join us again… and she has agreed.

My hope is that interest remains sufficiently high for all the places to be taken in advance, which would result in the sessions becoming full…. so what I want to say is please don’t expect to turn up on the day and still find a place available….much safer to make a call beforehand for a last-minute up-date.

Contact: John Leitch, coach, Power Pack/Starter Pack

07963 377 249                     or at home on 01737 84 36 01


for your overall bearings click onto….,180500&st=4&ar=N&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&ax=509500&ay=180500

and there in the white space is the cycle circuit.... look on the map again for the big green letters  saying A312...and that empty area space is where you want to be... the access to it is down the white-coloured road over to the right-hand side.

it's called Springfield Road and

for a closer look go to:,180485&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&ax=511530&ay=180485

and our entrance is immediately south of the green plot marked as Sports Ground (it’s a football pitch)

more directions on the website of the circuit itself:

and…….. for sat navigators the post code is:                                  UB4 0LP