Results from our 3rd event that was on the Astwood course with HQ at the bikebus. Thanks to Grant for opening the BikeBus.

Biggest thankyou goes to all our volunteers that enabled everyone to race:

Signs Up: Chris Manko

Signs Down: Ruth Gray

StartSheet: Katja

Time Keepers: Katja and Sue Muncaster

Pusher/Spotter: John Muncaster

Results: Not sure :)

Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Graham Knight EV 22.33 27 Continues his impressive start to 2017. Well played.
Oliver Knight Corley's 22.49 12 We may have to add some ballast to this young pups bike.
Gavin Howell TMK 23.30 23 1st Road bike by our Shrek lookalike
Glenn McMenamin EV 23.43 25 Strong ride by the Cakeman.
Mikey Smith Spirit 23.48 29 Romantic Devil brings his lovely lass on a date to do a time trial. What a legend :)
Chris Manko TMK 24.03 17 Still getting over his tickly cough, should be reet for next week.
Mark Booth Corley's 24.07 15 1st Super Vet
Max Hale TMK 24.34 18 Strong ride on the road bike, well over his crash now.
Andrew Lowe TMK 24.38 11 Road Captain makes his first TT appearance of the year.
Dan Connall Corley's 24.47 22 Got the fright of his life when Shrek passed him on a road bike.
Tim Bailey NBRC 25.01 2 Misplaced legs last year, hoping to locate them before the end of June.
Dan Sampson Cheddar CC 25.54 28 Decent ride by the visitor
Geoff Perry BtB 25.54 30 First of the BtB crowd
Trev Hook TMK 26.00 26 Doesn't really start firing until June/July
Matt Cook BRTT 26.03 8 Cookie monster turns up to sample the delights of the bikebus. Decent ride as well ;)
Kevin Stokes BtB 26.05 14 Pipped by his team mate.
Gary Kensett Corley's 26.05 21 Went into the red on the first climb and didn't recover.
Jason Lee TMK 26.14 24 5k PB off the bike.
Phil Elvidge TMK 26.34 20 Last of the Corley lot, poor ride tonight.
Lisa Webb TMK 26.58 7 1st Girlie. Looks like Webby is back on form.
John Risby TMK 27.54 10 Strong ride for the super vet on his road bike.
Stephen Henson TMK 28.22 19  
Jeff Hathaway TMK 28.30 3 Stopped a few times to offer advice on technique. Was on for a sub 28 otherwise.
Karen Creed VC10 30.00 6 Thought she was going for a romantic evening with Mikey. Happy with 2nd Girlie though.
Steve Taylor TMK 30.15 4  
Ruth Gray TMK 30.49 13 Close between her and Sam.
Sam Hughes-Dowdie TMK 31.12 5  
Paul Haigh TMK 31.12 9 Rested the camera tonight and unleashed the raw power.
Graeme Church TMK 35.29 1 New training plan seems to be working.
Barry Conolly TMK DNF 16 20 year old chain finally gave up the ghost.



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