Round 1 Club TT Results (F5/20 Astwood)

Results from our 1st event of the year below. Thanks to all our volunteers:

Signs Up: Mick Atkinson

Signs Down: Mick Atkinson

Time Keepers: Steve Torley & Mick Atkinson

Pusher/Spotter: Steve, Mick and Clive

Solo TT Club Time Race No Lap 1 Comments
Cameron Foster TMK 47.53 9 23.40 Badger takes the win in front of his parents.
Oliver Knight Corley's 48.34 20 23.55 1st Youngster and a great ride for the 16year old
Barry Connolly TMK 48.57 15 24.12 Bazza on the TT bike
Richard Golding EV 49.50 6 24.38 Tricky leads the EV girls home.
Glenn McManamin EV 50.53 16 25.25 Devastated. Booked another training camp.
Matt Exley Flamme Rouge 51.34 19 25.28 1st Road Bike for our local model and all round good guy.
John Buchanan Corley's 51.48 5 25.38 New TT bike, needs fettling
Max Hale TMK 51.53 18 25.40 2nd Road bike.
Chris Manko TMK 51.56 10 26.28 Held up by all and sundry, was on for a sub 50 otherwise.
Ant Smith TMK 52.14 12 25.42 Wheel spins at the start.
Jonathan Potes TMK 52.21 26 25.59 Needs hand writing lessons.
Jason Lee TMK 53.48 24 26.15 Another strong ride by our Triathlete
Roger Foster TMK 54.06 8 26.47 Proud Dad after Cam takes the win.
Dan Simpson Unattached 56.10 17 27.29  
Nathan Gallavan NBRC 57.12 7 28.09 1st of the NBRC lot.
Jeff Hathaway TMK 57.55 22 28.54 1st Super Vet.
Phil Jones TMK 57.57 13 28.40  
David Lloyd TMK 1.02.22 21 30.29 Went too hard on the first climb and paid for it.
S. Tamick TMK 1.02.58 2 31.56 Over heated on the first climb and had to back off.
Ruth Gray TMK 1.11.05 14 35.37 1st Girlie, great ride.
Jim Lawrence TMK 1.21.40 23 39.12 Longest TT to date
Graeme Church TMK 1.25.00 1 39.49 New TT bike, needs a few more rides.
Trev Hook TMK DNF 25 30.20 Pulled up after 1 lap due to a tickly cough.
Thomas Zygo TMK DNF 11   Wrong turn.
2 Up TTT          
Jason Gurney /Stewart Wilson TMK 52.13 3&4 25.45 Lots of moaning before and after.



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