Apologies for taking so long to get the results posted. I've been double busy this week like ;)

Results from our 10th event that was on the Nash out and back with the new finish, so it's now 11miles.

Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up: Lucie Gallen
Signs Down: Linda Dewhurst
StartSheet: Lucie
Time Keepers: TonyF & Jason Less
Pusher/Spotter: Jason and another fella.
Results: Mr Torley


Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Barry Connoly TMK 25.34 28 Gets the win
Chris Manko TMK 25.42 19 Course PB for Mankini
Steven Wootton TMK 26.05 11 We're never going to hear the end of this.
Tricky Dicky EV 26.23 31 Testing out a new lid.
Tim Bailey NBRC 26.51 29 Timmy's Favourite Course :)
Steve Torley TMK 26.53 23 Time keeping from now on after that performance!
Adam Strudwick TMK 27.26 9 1st Road Bike
Graham Marton A5 Rangers 27.41 26 Nice to see one of the Rangers along to race.
Pierre Scrose Baines Racing 27.54 18 Leading home the Baines Crew.
James Beechey Baines Racing 27.55 30 Ouch...
Kevin Stokes B2B 28.09 21 Carrying too much timber for the climbs.
Nick Day TMK 28.17 20 1st Youth. Great ride
Lauren Murphy LIV 28.41 25 1st Lady.
Toby Maloy TMK 28.51 4 Turned his back on RR. TTs from now on.
Lee Beddal BIG 29.20 8  
Garry Lay TMK 29.46 7  
Lewis Muncaster TMK 30.30 12 Too close for comfort.
John Muncaster TMK 30.33 13 Leaves another TT disappointed
Linda Dewhurst TMK 30.46 17 1st Super Vet Lady. Classy ride as always.
Julia Chatterton TMK 31.17 27 2nd lady
Frank Murphy TMK 32.09 24 Daughter gives him a right old kicking tonight. >3mins :)
Jon Hunt TMK 32.15 16 Steady one tonight.
Lawrence Wells Unattached 32.35 6  
Paul Haigh TMK 32.42 3 Another woeful performance by TinTin
Neil Clarkson TMK 33.03 14 The wheeler dealer car salesman nearly breaks 33mins.
Ruth Gray TMK 33.04 2 Another solid ride
Karen Creed VC10 33.13 22 Suffered after a weekend on the tiles. Need a better performance next week.
Steph Cousins NBRC 34.39 15 Birthday Girl produces a great ride.
Lucie Gallen TMK 34.41 10 You can join me timekeeping for the rest of the season after that!
Ian Jefcoate Unattached 34.58 5  
Graham Church TMK 38.37 1 Went too hard to Nash and never recovered.
Jimbo TMK 46.19   Turned up at Broggie, just made the start.


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