Round 11 Club TT Results (F5u/10 Nash)


Results from our 11th event that was on the Nash out and back. We nearly had more volunteers that competitors due to those lovely weather conditions.

Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up: Suzanne Golder
Signs Down: Davey Lloyd
StartSheet: Katja
Time Keepers: TonyF & Katja
Pusher/Spotter: Hooky
Results: Mr Torley



Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Steve Torley TMK 27.19 5 Fully aero'd up (everyone else on winter/road bikes)
Matt Exley Flamme Rouge 27.21 13 1st Road Bike
Mark Booth Corley's 28.02 9 Wasn't going ride, peer pressure got the better of him.
Tim Bailey NBRC 28.42 12 Flying the flag for NBRC
Ant Smith TMK 29.19 11 Needs to up his game for Friday.
David Lloyd TMK 32.21 4 Visor issues for the big lad, couldn't see a thing on the way back.
Jude Chamberland TMK 34.09 2 1st Youngster, great ride in those conditions
Barbara de Koning TMK 36.26 3 1st Girl. Sub 36min was on the cards but was held up by her chaperone for the 2nd week in a row.
Will Eastman TMK 40.41 6 Awful night on the bike. One to forget.
Jim Laurence TMK 46.29 1 Still wearing kit from the 70s!! We are going to have a whip round next week.


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