Results from our 12th event that was on the Hanslope Hilly course.

Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up: David LLoyd

Signs Down: Jason Lee

Time Keepers: Katja & Lucie

Results: Steve


Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Buauna Ball Catford Banks 22.28 13 Gets the win
Barry Connolly TMK 22.40 9 sub23 for Bazza
Chris Manko TMK 23.20 10 pfft... Must be saving his legs for something.
Max Hale TMK 23.22 8 Let himself down tonight.
Jonathan Peters TMK 24.58 11 Top 5 for Jonty!
Trev Hook TMK 26.09 15 1st Super Vet. Still struggling with a tickly cough though. Getting on for 3 weeks now.
Michael Patinson Bonito 26.31 6 1st Vet
Julia Chatterton TMK 28.07 7 1st Girlie.
David Dozikins Lune 28.45 12 Nice to see other clubs attending. This fella needs to work on this handwriting skills though. Surname and club name are probably wrong.
Fred Edwards TMK 28.53 14 May have stopped for a pint in Haversham.
Ruth Gray TMK 29.25 4 2nd Girlie, well played getting sub 30.
Barbara de Koning TMK 30.32 3 1st Junior and another strong ride.
Gwen Wathne TMK 33.08 5 Wasn't feeling it tonight. She's going to hammer it next week though.
Graeme Church TMK 35.12 1 Knackered from his weekend heroics


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