Results from our 13th event that was on the Whaddon course in sunny conditions.

Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up: Jason Lee

Signs Down: Bazza

Sign On Sheet: Katja

Time Keepers: Tony, Katja, Lucie and Jason Lee

Results: Mr Torley



Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Ed Clemens Spirit 22.12 24 Well played Edward. Russ will be wetting his pants over this.
Barry Connolly TMK 22.28 16 Hasn't had a win for a few weeks.
Christopher Manko TMK 22.30 18 Mankini gets done by his marra again :(
Jake Hales Spirit 22.46 13 Stig of the dump makes a rare appearance.
Max Hale TMK 22.49 14 Transition to TTs from Road is almost complete.
Steven Wootton TMK 23.27 20 Improving all the time.
Steve Torley TMK 23.47 29 Held up by all and Sundry, was on for the win otherwise ;)
Matt Exley Flamme Rouge 24.22 26 Matty boy was having a bad hair day, effected his ride no end.
John Buckanan Corley 24.25 22 1st Vet and the only Corley rider tonight.
Adam Strudwick TMK 24.34 21 Woeful... should be getting sub24 on that course.
Jonathan Peters TMK 24.44 15 Course pb?
Trevor Hook TMK 25.15 19 1st Super Vet
Kieran Blair Echelon 25.27 17 First of the Echelon crowd.
Lauren Murphy Liv 25.36 28 1st Girlie.
Ross Tayler Echelon 25.38 25 Last of the Echelon crowd
Will Eastman TMK 26.25 5 Better ride for William this week.
Phil Jones TMK 27.02 7 Tied with the youngster
Lewis Muncaster TMK 27.02 11 1st Youngster
Linda Dewhurst TMK 27.03 10 1st Lady
John Muncaster TMK 27.29 12 The days of beating his lad have long gone!
Fred Edwards TMK 28.37 6  Just happy to ride his bike in the sun :) 
Clive Faine TMK 28.41 3 Over dressed, payed for it on the climb to Nash.
Trevor Crowter TMK 28.51 8 Incident free ride for Twev
Frank Murphy TMK 28.57 27 Takes another beating of his daughter
Jon Hunt TMK 29.08 9 Too hot for him tonight
William Courtenay Unattached 29.59 23 Great ride for his first TT
Graeme Church TMK 36.18 1 Another great ride
Rory Hammond TMK 37.24 4 Second TT for the 12 year old and a PB taking 1.5 mins off his previous time.
Jimbo Lawrence TMK 39.41 2 Strutting round the carpark bare chested after his course pb.


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