Results from our 15th event that was on the Broggie course. Great to see such a big field with riders from lots of local clubs.

Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone to race:

Signs Up: Mr Torley

Signs Down: Trev Hook

StartSheet: Katja

Time Keepers: Katja and TonyF

Pusher/Spotter: Maximus Hale

Results: Not sure ;)


Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Ian Ryies Baines 19.52 13 Hell of a ride there like! You're welcome back anytime ;)
Chris Manko TMK 21.10 28 We are never going to hear the end of this....
Barry Connolly TMK 21.15 27 Ouch!
Steve Torley TMK 21.45 4 Slowed up so Phil Jones could tell me he's a runner not a cyclist for the 3rd time.
Kevin Stokes BtB 22.15 22 Another solid ride by Stoker Stokes.
John Buccaneer Corley's 22.35 24 Course PB for Buchanan ;)
Ian Marshall BMCC 22.36 21 Talked a good ride, failed to produce.
Tim Bailey NBRC 22.39 32 Just happy to ride his bike these days.
Trevor Hook TMK 22.57 26 Well played Hooky!! Didn't bother saving his legs for taking down the signs.
Geoff Perry BtB 23.13 23 If he carries on like this and he'll be kicked off the BtB team.
Matt Exley Flamme Rouge 23.18 30 1st Road Bike and course PB for our part time model.
Marcus Bursh Kettering CC 24.28 7 Always nice to have visitors from other clubs. Decent ride as well.
Stephen Mardes IRC 24.38 33 Flying the flag for the local club.
Phill Elvidge Corley's 24.39 25 Last of the Corley lot
Lee Baddell TMK 24.45 20 Break 25mins. Great stuff
Shaun Jenkinson Shibden CC 24.48 31 Never heard of this club before, you're welcome back anytime.
Lewis Muncaster TMK 25.03 8 1st Junior
John Scholtens Not attached 25.11 12 Reasonable attempt :) 
Linda Dewhurst TMK 25.15 10 1st Lady and promised to fix Mr Torleys injury :) What a good lass!
Phillip Ledgar TMK 25.17 17 Big lad is starting to hit some form
John Muncaster TMK 25.23 9 Didn't take advantage of his ballast on the hill.
Alex Knowles TMK 25.32 11 2nd Lady.
Stephen Henson TMK 25.36 19 Almost lost a tattoo hitting warp speed down the hill!
Clive Faine TMK 25.51 1 Probably won Vet on standard if I knew how to work it out.
Dave Carrington NBRC 26.13 16 Great to see our old TT sec back racing on his vintage steed.
Phil Jones TMK 26.20 2 Reminded everyone at least twice he's really a runner.
Fred Edwards TMK 26.22 29 Skipping around the cars like a small boy when he saw his time.
Jude Chamberlain TMK 26.26 5 10 Mile PB. Chip off the old block.
Jon Hunt TMK 26.39 3 Stopped off at Little Chef on the way back.
Frank Murphy TMK 26.48 34 Last to finish.
Paul Haigh TMK 27.07 15 Sadly nothing to report on TinTin's adventures this week. Incident free ride.
Nik Loriggio TMK 27.23 18 Held up by a lorry, two tractors and an old lady at the crossing.
Barbara de Koning TMK 27.57 6 1st Girl. Her chaperone looked ruined at the end.
Adam Pearson TMK 28.45 14 Too many excuses to list... Still a good ride by our website Guru.


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