Round 16 Club TT Results (F5u/10 Nash)


Results from our 16th event that was on the Nash out and back. Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up: Hooky
Signs Down: Lucie
StartSheet: Linda/Adam
Time Keepers: TonyF, Linda & Lucie
Results: Mr Torley


Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Graham Knight EV 24.21 24 EV lot will be wetting their pants over this result.
Barry Connolly TMK 25.19 30 2nd Again
Chris Manko TMK 25.26 29 Another close one
Roy Chamberlain Corley's 25.36 20 Old lad was let off the leash for once.
Stevie Wootton TMK 26.25 28 Clip on bars working a treat
Kevin Stokes BtB 27.18 21 Stoker Stokes flying the flag for BtB
Tim Bailey NBRC 27.20 18 Lots of moaning before and after.
John Buchanan Corley's 27.23 22 Leads the Corley B Team home
Jason Lee TMK 27.27 13 Course pb? Great ride
Trevor Hook TMK 27.40 32 1st Super Vet
Dan Simpson Ceddar 28.32 17 Flying the flag for Ceddar
Gary Stimpson BCG 29.30 27 Just pips his teammate
Lee Beddall BCG 29.33 26 Not happy :|
David Carrington NBRC 29.48 12 Last of the North Bucks Crowd on his pre 80's steed.
Phill Elvidge Corley's 29.55 23 Big Lad creeps under 30mins
Mayson Connor TMK 30.22 4 1st Junior
Phil Jones TMK 30.22 5 Loves to run this fella :)
John Muncaster TMK 30.23 16 Gets the better of Junior :)
Lewis Muncaster TMK 30.36 15 Oh Dear! That's going to hurt.
Julia Chatterton TMK 30.53 10 1st Lady
Rich Connor TMK 31.00 7 Woeful. More riding and less holidaying required.
Shaun Jenkinson Shibden CC 31.02 33 Nearly dark when he finished
Clive Fiane TMK 31.05 2 Top ride and first pensioner
Phil Ledgar TMK 31.39 11 Stopped for a comfort break
Fred Edwards TMK 31.51 14 Just gets under 32mins. Happy enough
Paul Haigh TMK 32.00 9 Caught and passed by all and Sundry tonight.
Allan Doorson TMK 32.19 19 1st TT? Well done.
Barbara de Koning TMK 33.09 6 1st Girl
Molli Keenor TMK 34.14 8 2nd Girl
Edward Johnson TMK 36.07 3 1st Ever TT for the youngster. Great Result
Faye Connor TMK 41.27 1 Held up by a tractor on the way back. Sub 40 was on the cards otherwise.
James Richardson NBRC DNF 25 Pulled up... Realised he was in for a kicking off EV's second best tester.