Results from our 18th event that was on the Whaddon course in sunny conditions.

Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up: Phil Elvidge

Signs Down: John Buchanan

Sign On Sheet: Mr Torley & Phil (the Runner) Jones

Time Keepers: Tony, Katja, 

Pusher Offers: John Risby and Phil Jones 

Results: Mr Torley


Solo TT Club   Race No Comments
Max Hale TMK 22.19 14 And the transition from roadie to tester is complete :)
Barry Connolly TMK 22.22 20 Now he knows how Mankini feels.
Will Scott Flamme Rouge 23.00 30 1st Road Bike. Well played William.
Steven Wootton TMK 23.01 26 Course PB for Stevie
Adam Strudwick TMK 23.19 23 Great ride
Steve Torley TMK 23.28 33 Too many excuses to list.
Kevin Stokes BtB 24.09 22 Having second thoughts about his move.. Back to tmk next year ;)
John Buchanan Corley's 24.32 10 1st of the Corley lot
Matt Exley Flamme Rouge 24.44 29 Should be going sub 24min easy. Needs to have a long look in the mirror, and not just to fix his hair.
Dan Sampson TMK 24.57 12 Sub 25 for Dan :) 
Joel Corbishley TMK 25.22 7 1st Junior Boy. Excellent Time
Geoff Perry BtB 25.23 21 Last of the BtB crowd
Lisa webb TMK 25.35 17 Basher takes another win. Still to help out though :(
Jamie Hawthorne Corley 25.37 18 Big lad may get kicked off the Corley B team after that effort. Woeful!
Dan Hippey TMK 26.05 16 Certainly talked a good race
Linda Dewhurst TMK 26.31 11 1st Lady Vet
Lee Beddall TMK 26.36 24 Course PB? Good ride
John Muncaster TMK 27.34 15 Big lad clocked the highest recorded speed down the hill from Whaddon.
Paul Deering TMK 27.34 31 Strong ride on his vintage steed.
Clive Faine TMK 27.54 2 Always helpful in the most unhelpful way...
Paul Haigh TMK 28.17 8 TinTin finding some form.
Tracy Durbrick TMK 28.34 32 3rd Lady
Dave Abraham Unattached 28.44 19 Didn't want to pay non members prices... looks like he's spent all his money on pies :)
Barbara de Koning TMK 28.54 6 Youngster may have sealed the league win with another solid ride.
Paul Greenhalgh TMK 29.43 27 Turned his race into a 2up TTT on the way back.
Alun Duncan-Jones TMK 29.51 3 Stopped off at Whaddon for half a bitter.
Lucie Gallen TMK 30.02 5 Our busy bee managed to get a ride in for once.
Debbie MacColl TMK 30.56 9 Well pinned number this week. Yep! Getting the hang of this TT lark :)
Eddy Kenton TMK 31.38 25 Top ride by the youngster.
Dan Tyler TMK 31.46 28 First time on the TT course. Good effort.
Gwen Wathne TMK 32.27 4 Didn't get a proper warmup done.. Effected her ride :|
Graeme Church TMK 37.05 1 Was supposed to be time keeping tonight. John Risby got him out of a hole!


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