Round 20 Club TT Results (F5u/10 Nash)


Results from our 20th event that was on the Nash out and back. Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up: David Forbes
Signs Down: Clive 
StartSheet: Lucie
Time Keepers: TonyF, Mick, Paul. Katja
Results: Mr Torley

Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Barry Connolly TMK 25.17 30 No outrageous maneuvers this week thankfully.
Max Hale TMK 25.19 21 Just misses out on the win.
Chris Manko TMK 25.35 25 Too busy worrying about Bazza and forgot to sign the sheet!
John Wingfield TMK 26.07 28 Top ride by Wing Commander.
Steven Wootton TMK 26.26 26 Easy spin for Stevie tonight, it's been a long season.
Adam Strudwick TMK 26.39 24 2up action on the way back.
Tim Bailey NBRC 27.16 27 Timmy's favourite course. Nearly always produces.
John Buchanan Corley's 27.24 23 First of the Corley Lot
Nick Day TMK 28.00 18 Top ride. He'll be giving us all a kicking soon.
Jason Lee TMK 28.50 32 Knackered from his swim/bike/walk at the weekend.
William Eastman TMK 28.59 17 Sneaks under 29mins ;)
Andy Butler Uni of Bath 29.58 22 Sub 30mins. Well played
Jonathan Peters TMK 29.59 19 Went off far too hard :) paid for it on the climb to Nash.
David Carrington NBRC 30.26 13 Last of the North Bucks Crowd
Jude Chamberlain TMK 30.49 12 1st Under 14. His old man just about held onto his wheel tonight!
John risky TMK 30.53 20 Pfft... May still be suffering from Marshalling the Cowman
Alex Knowles TMK 31.05 8 1st Lady
Julia Chatterton TMK 31.16 10 2nd Lady
Clive Faine TMK 31.24 2 Helpful Harry produces a decent ride.
Fred Edwards TMK 31.34 31 You need to get an earlier number. Sun was rising when you finished!!
Jon Hunt TMK 32.12 4 Just happy to ride his bike.
Nick Lawther Unattached 32.12 16  
Alun Duncan-Jones TMK 33.18 9 TMK's chief rounder upper has another crack at the TT. Might have been his last :)
Ruth Gray TMK 33.43 7 Pacing was all over the place tonight. Will get it right next week ;)
Lucie Gallen TMK 33.48 15 Catches her min lady.
Debbie MacColl   34.49 14 Nearly holds off Lucie at the line
Gwen Wathne TMK 36.52 6 Just fancied a spin tonight.
Edward Johnson TMK 37.17 11 Great ride, ruined his chaperone tonight.
Michaela Hippey TMK 40.02 5 Nice to have TMK's head bean counter at the club TT.
Graeme Church TMK 40.20 1 Another solid ride
Conor McArthur TMK 42.01 3 1st ever TT for the youngster. He's riding with Mr Torley next week so pb on the cards.
Tandem Club Time Race No Comments
Geoff Perry/Kev Stokes BtB 27.24 29 Bum Sniffers failed to produce tonight.