Results from our 5th event that was on the Nash out and back with the finish moved to avoid the traffic calming measures. So it's now 11miles instead of 11.2miles.

Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up: Suz Golder
Signs Down: Linda Dewhurst
StartSheet: Katja
Time Keepers: Katja and TonyF
Pusher/Spotter: Lucie and a Corley Lad
Results: Mr Torley

Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Barry Connolly TMK 25.45 31 Bazza takes the win.
Gavin Howell TMK 25.56 28 Everyone is going to hear about this...
Tim Bailey NBRC 26.35 22 Old Timmy located the legs for 2017. Nice to have you back :)
Steve Torley TMK 26.39 23 pfft...
Mark Booth Corley's 26.44 27 Youthful looking Boothy with his new barnet turns back the time and produces a great ride.
Andrew Lowe TMK 27.26 20 El Capitano came bearing gifts.
Steven Wootton TMK 27.33 29 Talked a good ride but failed to deliver. TT bike required.
John Buchanan Corley's 28.35 24 Tied with Hooky
Trevor Hook TMK 28.35 26 1st Super Vet despite his weekends Heroics
Phil Elvidge Corley's 29.27 25 sub 30 for the big lad. Great ride.
Will Eastman TMK 29.29 19  
Geoff Perry BtB 29.48 15 Looked a bit lonely without Stoker stokes to hold his hand.
Lisa Webb TMK 30.09 3 1st Girlie
Lewis Muncaster TMK 30.19 12 Tied for 1st Youth
Aran Martin TMK 30.19 13 Tied for 1st Youth
Jack Pinchin A5R 30.27 16 1st of the A5R's
David Forbes TMK 30.55 30  
David Lloyd TMK 31.13 5 Poor ride tonight. Blaming the cold conditions.
Linda Dewhurst TMK 31.38 18 2nd Lady. Great ride.
Stephen Henson Corley's 31.54 10 Last of the Corley lot
Joseph Wood A5R 31.57 14 Last of the A5R's lot
Julia Chatterton TMK 32.31 9 Too cold. Teeth were Chattering away at the end.
Karen Creed VC10 33.37 6 She wants to race for TMK really :)
Ruth Gray TMK 33.4 21 Another solid ride by Roth. Great stuff
Paul Haigh TMK 33.5 17 This was your last chance to shine, please go back on the camera next week eh?
Molli Keenor TMK 36.44 7 Wasn't impressed with the last mile.
Gwen Wathne TMK 38.28 4 We had high expectation before and she didn't disappoint. Pb by ~3mins
H. Fairclough Greenlight RT 41.11 11 I know it was cold, but that hand writing was awful!
Graeme Church TMK 41.55 2

Very chipper after getting his new skinsuit. Result not so great :|

Para Time: 39.02

Jim Lawrence TMK 45.02 1 Welcomed back the local legend after missing the last weeks event.
 Aimee Zygo   TMK    8  


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