Results from our 6th event that was on the Astwood 20 mile course.

Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up: Linda Dewhurst

Signs Down: Mrs Gurney

Time Keepers: Steve, Mrs Gurmey

Pusher/Spotter: Lenn Burns, David Lloyd

Results: Steve 

Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Simon Cannings EV 45.49 21 Family support helped Cunnings get the win.
Cameron Foster TMK 46.09 14 2nd for Badger
Barry Connolly TMK 47.00 24 Too many excuses to list. Poor ride for the Roadie turned Tester.
Richard Golding EV 47.09 20 Tricky Dicky makes a rare appearance at the Club TT.
Chris Manko TMK 48.26 23 Racing on tired legs.
Matt Watson TMK 49.14 13 Needs a new coach
Tim Bailey NBRC 49.19 25 Poor old Timmy, looks like the legs have gone missing again.
Ant Smith TMK 50.05 15 All the gear, some idea
John Buchanan Corley's 51.01 9 Held up by two tractors, a lorry and dropped his chain. One to forget.
Jason Lee TMK 51.30 16 Only just made it into his skinsuit. Easter hasn't been kind to our Triathlete.
Roger Foster TMK 51.31 12 Father badger looked the part, just needs to find a pair of legs.
Matthew Clarke TMK 54.53 7 Wheelies off the start line.
Lewis Muncaster TMK 54.54 11 Set off his old man first as bait.
Lee Goodman TMK 55.06 26 Too much Caravanning and not enough training.
David Forbes TMK 55.11 5 Big lad hit 40mph on the decent. Well played
Lisa Webb TMK 55.11 19 Basher caught and passed her training partners
Mike Axon Unattached 55.57 8 1st TT. Good result
Linda Dewhurst TMK 56.37 6 Hampered by Ejecting Garmin issues.
Phil Jones TMK 57.04 18 Nearly DQ'ed for drafting
John Muncaster TMK 57.43 10 Tried and failed to hold onto his lads wheel when he passed
Clive Faine TMK 58.40 4 Helpful Harry on top form today.
Karen Lennox TMK 59.00 17 Setting her off early next time.
Julia Chatterton TMK 59.33 2 Better performance in warmer conditions.
Paul Haigh TMK 61.03 22 Nearly dark when he finished.
Jon Hunt TMK 61.45 3 Stopped for a bevie in North Crawley.
Graeme Church TMK DNF 1 Heavy night on the beer got the better of him.


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