Results from our 7th event that was on the Hanslope Hilly course.

Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up & Down: Mrs Gurney

Time Keepers: Katja & Tony

Results: Steve


Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Barry Connolly TMK 23.37 22 Gets his act together this week for the win. Anymore pre race nonsense will result in a DQ though.
Max Hales TMK 24.11 27 Bazza's mind games gets the better of him.
Matt Exley Flamme Rouge CT 25.03 11 1st Road Bike
John Buchanan Corley's 25.32 25 1st of the Corley Lot
Kevin Stokes B2B 25.37 21 Good ride on his new steed.
Jonathan Peters TMK 26.19 20  
Phil Elvidge Corley's 27.13 26 Just needs to shift another stone or so for these hilly courses.
Trevor Hook TMK 27.19 24 Woeful ride! He's blaming a lads week away.
Geoff Perry B2B 27.23 29 Last of the B2B.
Mathew Clarke TMK 27.46 28 Better start this week, no wheelies or wheel spins.
Lisa Webb TMK 27.51 1 1st Lady and another win for Basher. May have to put her in the mens league.
Lewis Muncaster TMK 27.56 9 1st of the youngsters. Well Played.
Thomas Zygo TMK 28.10 10 2nd Youth
Stephen Henson TMK 28.36 17  
Jon Hunt TMK 30.27 19  
Jude Chamberlain TMK 30.45 4  
Mathew Dicks TMK 31.13 8  
Ruth Gray TMK 31.28 15 2nd Lady
Molli Keenor TMK 32.06 3 1st Girl. Great ride
Barbara de Koning TMK 32.23 5 2nd Girl
Lucie Gallen TMK 32.57 16 Legs still fatigued from her London to Paris heroics
Kate Rowland Unattached 34.21 14  
Gwen Wathne TMK 34.27 12 Got her pacing wrong tonight.
Aimee Zygo TMK 34.42 6  
Adam Pearson TMK 37.01 18 Climb from Gayhurst was never going to be easy for the big lad.
Jackie Brandon Unattached 37.05 13  
Jim Lawrence TMK 40.27 2 Didn't have Mr Church to race against so took it easy.
Karen Creed VC10 DNF 7 Couldn't resist stopping at the pub.
Simon Cannings EV DNF 23 Didn't have the legs... so pulled up at Gayhurst to avoid a ribbing.


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