Results from our 8th event that was on the Whaddon course in windy conditions.

Thanks to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up: Phill Elvidge

Signs Down: Clive

Sign On Sheet: Katja

Time Keepers: Katja, Tony and Jeff Hathaway

Results: Mr Torley


Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Simon Cannings EV 22.48 14 Fighting back the tears due to his teammates imminent departure. Dedicated his win to Tricky Dicky.
Barry Connolly TMK 23.15 20 Felt sorry for Cunnings so let him win.
Chris Manko TMK 23.29 19 Needs a disc wheel apparently...
Steve Torley TMK 24.32 28 Still Injured
John Buchanan Corley's 24.40 13 Best ride of the year.
Tim Bailey NBRC 24.42 27 Flying the flag for NBRC
Kevin Stokes B2B 24.56 18 First of the B2B crowd.
Gavin Howell TMK 24.59 24 Mad rush to get here and may have put his wife's legs on by mistake
Andrew Loews TMK 25.08 25 Found a TT bike from the 90's. Position needs fettling.
Nic Day TMK 25.23 7 1st Youngster, we will have to keep an eye on this one.
Trevor Hook TMK 25.52 22 1st Super Vet.
Geoff Perry B2B 26.26 26 Still wearing his TMK clobber.
Ant Smith TMK 26.36 21 All the gear...
David Forbes TMK 26.59 16 Creeps under 27mins.
Rich Connor TMK 28.04 23 Needs abit more ballast in those conditions. He was over the road!
Linda Dewhurst TMK 28.19 11 1st Lady. Bossed it again.
Clive Faine TMK 28.45 2 Decent ride by our very own Helpful Harry in windy conditions.
David Lloyd TMK 28.47 17  
Mayson Connor TMK 29.12 59 Looked very serious at the start.
Julia Chatterton TMK 29.13 12 Lots of excuses before and after.
Mathew Dicks TMK 30.27 6 Not impressed with his Chaperone, had to wait for him at the top of Nash and Whaddon!
Jon Hunt TMK 30.30 15 Should be getting sub30 on that course.
Jude Chamberlain TMK 31.07 4 1st Under 14. Great ride by the youngster.
Lucie Gallen TMK 31.50 10 Made up for her woeful attempt at the TMK RR yesterday.
Barbara de Koning TMK 32.11 5 1st Girl
Ruth Gray TMK 32.17 9 Last Lady
Rory Hammond TMK 38.53 3 Great ride by the 12 year old.
Faye Connor TMK 40.44 8 Wasn't in the mood tonight.
Jim Lawrence TMK 41.13 1 Jimbo still struggling for motivation without Graham.


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