Results from our 9th event that was on the Astwood course. Finish line was 100m further on so don't worry if your time is a tad slower. Thanks to Grant for opening up and letting us use the BikeBus and to all our volunteers that enabled everyone else to race:

Signs Up: Clive

Signs Down: Lucie

Sign On Sheet: Katja

Time Keepers: Katja, Mr Torley

Results: Mr Torley


Solo TT Club Time Race No Comments
Jack Steel-Jessop Flamme Rouge CT 22.00 28 Great win for the tall lad. On a road bike as well!
Oliver Knight Corley's 22.18 29 Pffttt... I had money on you for the win!
Max Hale TMK 23.03 18 Bazza's mind games didn't work on him this week.
Barry Connolly TMK 23.10 19 Long look in the mirror needed, poor effort.
Will Scott Flamme Rouge CT 23.14 27 2nd Road Bike. Extra pinning of the number may have helped.
Glenn McMenamin EV 23.36 24 Almost kicked off when he realised Bazza had eaten the last of the Victoria sponge.
Kevin Stokes B2B 24.04 20 New bike is paying off.
John Buchanan Corley's 24.13 22 Expected better after last weeks performance.
Trevor Hook TMK 24.27 21 Wearing an old jumper under his skinsuit. Very Classy
Matt Exley Flamme Rouge CT 24.42 26 Last of the Flamme Rouge Lot.
Geoff Perry B2B 24.56 30 Last of the B2B crowd again.
Jamie Hawthorn Corley's 25.30 25 Jeeeezz... I thought Boothy was bad for telling stories.
Michael Patinson Bonito 26.01 23 Needs to bring his other teammates next time.
Lisa Webb TMK 26.22 4 1st Girlie
Lewis Muncaster TMK 26.39 10 1st Youngster. Very chipper at the end after giving his old man a good beating.
Phil Jones TMK 27.01 7 Kept to the rules this week.
John Muncaster TMK 27.13 11 Best excuse I've heard for being over weight :)
Karen Creed VC10 28.17 15 2nd Girlie. Out to impress with Mikey and their Dog supporting.
Paul Haigh TMK 28.20 13 TinTins best ride of the year!
Clive Faine TMK 28.41 3 1st Super Vet
Jon Hunt TMK 28.48 16 Looked the part
Ruth Gray TMK 28.54 6 Happy with sub29 on the exended version of the course.
Jude Chamberlain TMK 28.59 8 Top ride to get under 29mins. Chip off the old block.
Barbara de Koning TMK 29.21 9 Held up by her Dad again! was on for a sub 29.
Lucie Gallen TMK 29.21 17 1st Vet Lady. Another top performance.
Adam Pearson TMK 32.06 14 Decent ride by our web guru
Gwen Wathne TMK 33.30 5 Tapering for Broggie next week :)
Graeme Church TMK 35.45 1 Managed to keep upright this week.
Jim Lawrence TMK 37.58 2 Last minute aero adjustments at the start did the trick.
Stephen Henson TMK DNF 12 Early turner


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