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RTG is an online cycling simulator and racing platform, a virtual one that uses realistic scenery and riders to immerse yourself into and improve your “on turbo” experience. It offers realistic courses of some of the most memorable routes and climbs in the world, such as Mont ventoux, Cap Formentor, Stelvio, Patenberg as examples. If you want to visit the site itself please follow this link. https://www.rgtcycling.com

We are using it at the club in many ways and look to improve our offerings and accessibility, there may be times in which the weather or circumstance don’t allow you to get to the event whether its the TT’s or racing the bowl to Saturday rides. Why have we chosen RGT? Its low cost its adaptable and we can format the races/ events better to make it more competitive or fun.

As a club and premium member we can create Magic Roads!! These are GPX files (our own routes) smoothed out and created virtually, so the same corners the same ascent and descent and so on, we can race together yet apart on very familiar roads. Additional benefits to this would be course recces learn the course before you go! Just create it on strava, edit it, email it over to RGT and then ride it!

My aim is to create a seasonal league both TT, RR and Duathlon (bike run) and for the format to look a little like this

March –October
Alternate the TT and circuit race each week have points tables, 2 of and a collective table

Then the last Saturday of each month we have a 40km RR approx. 8 events in this time frame top 6 results count in a case of a tie count back will be used higher positions win or next best event.

1 point for the win ascending
3 points for fastest lap
1 point for cat win first female male or first vet male/female

Well here’s the good bit its all free to enter the club races as a member of RGT however there is a premium account which opens a lot more of the app more courses and workouts etc, however if you just want it for our club events perfect! Down side is you need a power source and a turbo and they are not cheap! But a great investment,

Well you require a power source this can be a trainer, smart or otherwise (with an alternative power source), pedals or crank arm(s) etc… then you will require two bits of tech, a phone with the RGT app which runs the show, accepts invites, enters races and the in game controllable. Then a screen app device that just shows the awesome graphics! This can be Apple TV, Ipad, mac or PC with windows 10 Here is a link to the suggested devices and the app links and link to system requirements

RGT setup

As with all software there shall be the intermittent update so get on there early and make sure its up to date and not at the last minute

Get some good shorts if you’re riding on here or indoors for long periods of time!

A happy bum means more power and feels so much better!

Lather up get that chamois cream on! You don’t want any chafe.

In app/ride tips- RGT has auto break features this happens when approaching a corner too fast and will break (not transfer the watts your putting down) so you can take a corner as you would in real life and thus increasing the realistic feel and forcing ride /race tactics. In addition to the auto brake into corners there is an anti collision algorithm where it slows you as you approach the rider ahead and or if you are to the side of them slipping back to try to slip inside their slip steam.