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Team MK Time Trial Course
F15/10 Brogborough
An out-and-back along the old A421. Starts at the top of Brogborough Hill heading away from MK towards Bedford. Turns at a roundabout after 5.7 miles and then finishes before Brogborough Hill on the return.
Where to park
A few hundred metres past the start point (as you head East out of Milton Keynes), look for a left turn under an underpass.
Rider notes
  1. Riders leaving the sign on after the race has started must DOUBLE CHECK when turning right as riders will be coming down the hill at very high speed
  2. For the same reason no warming up on the course once the event has started
  3. At 2.4 and 8.4 you will encounter a new roundabout which is set off centre with a new development on the North side motorists leaving the estate may not anticipate your speed adjust your speed accordingly
  4. At 2.7 and 8.2 there is a pedestrian crossing you must STOP for a red light
  5. At 2.8 and 8.0 you will encounter a roundabout which is the main way in and out of Marston Mortaine be prepared to give way
  6. At 5.5 the turn proceed with care and be prepared to stop
  7. At the finish be aware other riders may have just started there race and will be coming down the hill very fast if you want to warm down go down Sheeptick End out of the way