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Team MK Time Trial Course
F5v/10 Astwood
A circuit course starting and finishing in Astwood village, turning west along the A422 towards Chicheley, then turning south through Little Crawley, east along North Crawley high street before turning north towards Astwood, past the BikeBus, to complete the loop.
Where to park
In the lay-by alongside where Astwood Main Road meets the A422.
Rider notes
  1. Riders warming up should not interfere with the race or those waiting to start NO TURNING IN SIGHT OF THE TIME KEEPER
  2. There will be residents cars parked on the road and a popular pub in the village so adjust your speed accordingly
  3. At 0.1 you are entering the A422 via a T junction YOU MUST GIVE WAY AND BE PREPARED TO STOP there is occasional large commercial traffic on this road
  4. At 3.5  Chicheley you will turn off the A422 onto Chicheley RD the bend is quite sharp
  5. At 5.4  North Crawley you must give way at the T junctions
  6. At 7.3 there is a staggered crossroad where you will turn left
  7. At 8.1  you will pass the bike bus this is popular with cyclists who may not be aware of your approaching speed or your there at all be aware and adjust your speed accordingly
  8. The finish is at the top of the hill where you enter Astwood