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Team MK Time Trials - Course records

In the absence of any preceding data, the following from the 2019 season are hereby entered as course record times.

CategoryTimeRecord holder
Female26.12Alex Knowles
Senior22.36Adam Strudwick
Team MK member23.25Bart Rienties
Under 1824.42Jude Chamberlain
Veteran23.57Kevin Stokes
Overall22.36Adam Strudwick

CategoryTimeRecord holder
Female25.17Alex knowles
Senior20.57Adam Fisher
Team MK member22.25Jonathan Peters
Under 1819.50Oliver Knight
Veteran22.47Kevin Stokes
Overall19.50Oliver Knight

CategoryTimeRecord holder
Female25.40Lisa Webb
Senior20.38John Wingfield
Team MK member23.27Oswin Grady
Under 1821.08Oliver Knight
Veteran24.45Kevin Stokes
Overall20.38John Wingfield

CategoryTimeRecord holder
Female27.35Alex Knowles
Senior21.53Will Scott
Team MK member24.15Aleck Hornshaw
Under 1825.44Ewan Grady
Veteran25.30Trevor Hook
Overall21.53Will Scott

CategoryTimeRecord holder
Female29.37Lauren Murphy
Senior25.32Riley Searle
Team MK member26.28Aleck Hornshaw
Under 1828.27Jack Rose
Veteran27.38Kevin Stokes
Overall25.32Riley Searle

CategoryTimeRecord holder
Female27.00Alex Knowles
Senior22.58Steven Wootton
Team MK member22.58Steven Wootton
Under 1823.58Jude Chamberlain
Veteran24.45Kevin Stokes
Overall22.58Steven Wootton