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For riders from 6 to 16 years old Team Milton Keynes provides a number of ways of getting into cycling.

More information about specific activities can be found on the Team Milton Keynes Youth Facebook  which is restricted to parents of youth members.

Team Milton Keynes Youth Racing

Youth is British Cycling's name for riders under 16 years of age.

Under 12 Races are conducted under British Cycling’s Go-Ride scheme which is designed to be a safe way for novices to have a go at racing their bike.

In 2013 a more competitive race for riders in the under 14 and 16 category was introduced with riders needing to have a British Cycling License.

Saturday Cycle Coaching

On Saturday afternoons (14:30 to 16:00) Team Milton Keynes Youth Development also provides a full program of coaching for riders aged 6 to 16 in a traffic free environment at the MK Bowl. The sessions focus mainly on road cycling during Spring and Summer, off road racing in the Autumn and a mixture of both during the winter. We also have other activities on at this time, racing, Mountain biking and Triathlon transition training.

New members are always welcome and on arrival at there first session should make themselves known to one of the coaches. We do insist that all participants are a member of Team Milton Keynes and details can be found in the members section of the website (we do allow a couple of taster sessions to ensure it is what everyone wants).

If you are planning to attend the Saturday coaching sessions please arrive early to allow time to familarise with the circuit and to fill out the necessary consent form which needs to be signed by a parent guardian who is present.

Road Racing

We have a tradition of producing good riders and organise many Open races for all standard of racers, up to National level competition which this year will be held in the City Centre on closed roads.

Cyclocross & MTB

With the autumn traditionally set aside for Cyclocross, members have been competing strongly in the Central Cyclocross League. Also with the recent introduction of Mountain Biking races to Milton Keynes there are more and more riders taking up this new and demanding challenge.

Triathlon & Duathlon

We have an active Youth triathlon section with a number of athletes winning events in the region.

Helmet and Clothing Check

British Cycling's recommended Helmet and Clothing Check video

All cyclists participating in a coaching session conducted by a British Cycling licensed coach must wear a cycling helmet. 

The helmet should have a CE mark and conform to an appropriate standard such as BS EN 1078:1997 or SNELL B95.

  • Check that the helmet is fitted and worn correctly:
  • Make sure it is the right way round. This is particularly important with children
  • It should be placed on the top of the head with the straps fastened under the chin
  • The front strap should be as vertical as possible and the rear strap should join the front strap just below the ears (forming a V just under the ears)
  • The helmet should fit comfortably on the head; if you try to move the helmet, there should be very little movement
  • If you can slide the helmet off the head, either backwards or forwards, you need to tighten the straps
  • Always get the cyclist to take the helmet off before adjusting the straps

Clothing Check

Riders should:

  • Avoid baggy clothing as this can get caught in moving parts
  • Tuck in their trousers and tracksuit bottoms to prevent them becoming entangled in the chain
  • Wear shoes with the shoe laces tucked in
  • Wear clothes appropriate for the weather and environmental conditions (eg to keep them warm and dry)
  • Ideally wear gloves to protect their hands.

Youth Discount

Good club members the MacArthurs as most of you know run the website and event location shop kidsracing.

They have kindly offered members a 10% discount. 

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