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Team MK Time Trials 2018
Final standings

Each event yields 20 points for the winner down to 2 points for 19th place and a single point for every other finisher.

The ten highest scoring events are then combined to give each rider’s “Best 10”.

If multiple riders have the same total for their Best 10 rides, finishing position is decided by the Season Total, thereby taking remaining rides into account.

If multiple riders have the same Best 10 and Season Total, finishing position is decided by the number of Events Entered, thereby rewarding those who have ridden more events.

PositionNameSeason TotalBest 10Events Entered
1Chris Manko21419711
2Lewis Muncaster17515713
3Trevor Hook21115316
4Kevin Stokes14514510
5Adam Strudwick1321327
6John Buchanan14813112
7Andy Wickham1311319
8John Wingfield1301307
9Jonathan Peters1281288
10Jason Lee14312612
11Tim Bailey1121127
12Adrian Cox1061068
13Steve Torley1011016
14John Muncaster888612
15Toby Maloy83835
16Oliver Knight79794
17Matt Exley78786
18Riley Searle73734
19Matthew Clarke67675
20Clive Faine666313
21Andrew Lee61619
22Fred Edwards585810
23Barbara de Koning605713
24Paul Haigh605614
25Adam Fisher56563
26Linda Dewhurst55556
27Julia Chatterton52528
28Sam hunt52525
29Geoff Perry49497
30Mark Bell44444
31Jack Pinchin43433
32Shaun Jenkinson40405
33Ian Ryves40402
34Mark Avil38382
35Ritchie Dixon36365
36Jamie Lloyd34342
37Mayson Connor33333
38Alex Knowles32327
39Ben Richardson32323
40Ruth Gray333112
41Elliot Haigh31312
42Sonja de Koning282612
43Graeme Church282414
44Lucie Gallen252411
45=Lee Kerner23233
45=Katja Rietdorf23233
47Ciaran Dorrity22224
48Stephen Mann22223
49Sean Dines22222
50Finn Hanson21215
51Bart Rienties20202
52Oliver Bates20201
53Jon Hunt19197
54Finn Hansen19194
55=Jack Steel-Jessop19191
55=Steve Wooton19191
57Rachel Edwards18184
58=Graham Knight18181
58=Harry Kirby18181
58=Simon Cannings18181
58=Roy Chamberlain18181
62Colin Ingram17171
63Dave Young16166
64=Rob Fletcher16161
64=Andy Wicken16161
64=Steve Wootton16161
64=Stuart Short16161
68=Phil Jones15153
68=David Forbes15153
70=Daren Haseldine15151
70=Matt Wootton15151
72Jude Chamberlain14144
73=Anthony Venner14143
73=Tim Searle14143
75=Rob Ricker14141
75=Neil Boddington14141
77=Sam Skeggs13131
77=Lloyd Molton13131
77=Nick Day13131
77=Mark Booth13131
81Ian Markham12122
82Lauren Murphy12121
83Luke Quest11111
84=Jacob Tresham10101
84=Gary Patmore10101
86Karen Creed994
87Tom Weatherhead992
88=Alun Duncan-Jones991
88=Caroline Dickens991
90Gwen Wathne884
91=G Zuccelo881
91=Chris Harding Rolls881
91=Sarah Short881
94Adam Pearson776
95Jo Parker774
96=Jake Hales771
96=Steph Cousins771
98Debbie MacColl663
99Matt Rizzo-Naudi662
100Trevor Thomas661
101Andrew Wickham552
102=Eddy Kenton551
102=Mick Case551
104=Frank Murphy442
104=Lauren Keeler442
104=Alistair O'Hara442
107=John Risby441
107=Martin Thorley441
107=Gavin Hart441
107=Charles Philippe441
111Neil McAndrew333
112=Mark Golder331
112=Molli Keener331
113Mike Orme222
114=Burti Montague Leon221
114=Gary Catmore221
114=Richard Woods221
118=Chris Gillam111
118=David Price111
118=Theresa Scholl111
118=Deana Bisgrove111
118=Dave Carrington111
118=James Moore111
118=Chris Johnson111
118=Hayley Stride111
118=A Wigham111
118=Tim Smith111
118=George Makitanis111
118=Stuart De Freyne111
118=George Markatanis111
118=Helene Wight111
118=Steve Taylor111
118=Livvy Pearson111