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Team MK Time Trial Round 7 2018 - Results
14th May 2018: F5w/10 Whaddon
PositionRider NumberFinish TimeNameAgeClubComments
12121:57Chris Manko34Team MKStill owes the kitty 65p - better pay up next week
21922:57Adam Strudwick27Team MKGet the man a TT bike
31723:44Matt Exley28Flamme RougeNot a hair out of place (well there was when his time was calculated incorrectly)
41323:53Jamie Lloyd17CorleyHeld for 30 seconds at start/first under-18 male
51123:57Steve Torley40Team MKShouty Steve in stealth mode - first vet male
61224:50Lewis Muncaster16Team MKFirst club under-18 male back - lad needs a TT bike
72425:00Matt Wootton42Team MKSecond vet male
82325:07Jason Lee49Team MKNothing broke on the bike tonight
92026:19Lloyd Molton29Team MK 
102526:24Lauren Murphy19MAASLANDSTERStill caught her dad (first senior female)
111526:42Lee Kerner45Team MKReaping the benefits of the Stages pre-season training
121026:48Matthew Clarke41Team MK 
13327:39Jude Chamberlain13MI Racing Academy 
141428:09Finn Hansen53Team NOONEThe Big Dog a.k.a. The Great Dane
15528:13Paul Haigh57Team MKTired from putting signs up
16429:12Barbara de Koning15Team MKFirst under-18 female
17729:19Ruth Gray37Team MKGray: 3 - Gallen: 0 (first club senior female)
182229:28Frank Murphy52Team MK4 minutes between father and daughter next time?
19829:30Lucie Gallen46Team MKGot to find 12 seconds (but first and only vet female)
20132:22Graeme Church52Team MKFirst para-cyclist
21232:36Sonja de Koning12Team MKYoungest finisher
22634:34Gwen Wathne38Team MKAwaiting arrival of Lanza legs

Signs up Paul Haigh
Sign on Lucie / Katja
Pushing off John Muncaster

Linda Dewhurst

Signs down Jason Lee
Results Lucie