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Team MK Time Trial Round 8 2018 - Results
21st May 2018: F15/10 Brogborough
PositionRider NumberFinish TimeNameAgeClubComment
13220:08Ian Ryves36QN CoachingChicken dinner
23120:48Chris Manko34Team MKThe special one paid his debts and with interest!
32022:35Andy Wickham47CorleysThe first of the Andrew Wickhams!
43022:36John Wingfield33Team MKThe Wing Commander in flying form
52122:41Steve Wootton34Team MK 
61622:43Steve Torley40Team MKCash strapped as was trying to sell tickets to the gun show before the start
72423:00Kevin Stokes55BtBHeld for 10 seconds
83523:14Tim Bailey51NBRCGood ride despite the lack of signs
92223:21Trevor Hook60Team MKHeld for 5 seconds
102823:25Jason Lee49Team MK 
111923:28Katja Rietdorf47BtB/Team MKHeld for 5 seconds/First woman
123623:29John Buchanan48Corley's/TMK 
132623:37Adrian Cox57Team MK 
143323:48Jake Hales26Spirit 
151723:53Lewis Muncaster16Team MKFirst under 18
162324:07Mick Case50BRRTHeld for 5 seconds
17924:28Martin Thorley40Mont Blanc Triathlon 
182724:43Geoff Perry57BtB 
191425:00Gary Catmore 32V/AHeld for 5 seconds/needs to cough up next time
20625:28Dave Carrington52Team MKHeld for 5 seconds
211125:28Jude Chamberlain13MI Racing Academy 
222525:30Andrew Wickham57Not AffiliatedThe second of the Andrew Wickhams!!
231825:41Clive Faine71Team MKFirst committee member
24825:48Ciaran Dorrity33LBRCC 
25726:09Alex Knowles53Team MKAll in the wrist work
26226:10Karen Creed28Team MK 
271326:19John Muncaster48Team MKFirst club coach
281226:20Julia Chatterton35Shutt/TMKTired after racing and getting 10th the previous day
292926:23Andrew Lee57Team MK 
301027:14Paul Haigh57Team MKNot recovered from the C+ ride on Sat yet
311527:48Lucie Gallen46Team MKNearly 5 years of anguish and finally a PB on the course
323428:28Frank Murphy52Team MK 
33128:38Graeme Church52Team MKMaybe a new skinsuit will help?
34329:18Adam Pearson45Team MK/BCGMr Web-Man
35530:07Neil McAndrew60Team MKNot quite a TT in the Cape
36433:14Jo Parker64Team MKTired after qualifier race at the weekend

Signs up Jason Lee
Sign on Katja Rietdorf / Alun DJ
Pushing off Alun DJ
Time-keeping Tony Farnborough  / Ruth Gray
Signs down Clive Faine
Results Lucie Gallen