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New club kit arrangements - Order now in time for Christmas!

The club is pleased to announce that the club kit working group set up to look into kit supply has come up with the
following arrangements:

1) Club cycle kit through Epic Orange

Our shop with them can be found as follows: https://www.epic-orange.com/teammk/  Password: Winter2020

The online shop is now open (and will close on 31st October) and orders will be delivered to the individuals. Particularly interesting in terms of kit, is the hi-vis gilet (the only bit of new kit we’ve added. Otherwise we’ve kept kit options to a minimum).

2) Tri-kit through Raceskin

We have stuck with Raceskin for tri-wear as other suppliers struggled to match the quality we already appreciate from Raceskin. Our shop with them can be found at:
https://www.raceskin.co.uk/team-club-shops/team-milton-keynes/   (No password required)
Like Epic Orange, orders will be sent to the individuals.

Both are ensuring delivery before Christmas (Covid-dependent) and the shops are open now and close as follows:

1) Epic Orange – 31st October 2020

2) Raceskin – 4th November 2020.

Good news for members is that there are no minimum order quantities to worry about in either shop! So make sure you read the sizing instructions carefully (and measure well) and get an order in quickly.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that the club still has an opening for a Kit Secretary. With the changes listed above, this would not involve the handling of any kit or even having to man kit sales. The main tasks include:
    · the main point of contact for our two suppliers, opening the order windows for each shop
    · dealing with any enquiries from the club membership regarding kit
    · looking into special kit requests, such as CX skinsuits, time trial suits, club-specific accessories such as Velopac or Big Bobble Hats (just examples – we haven't got
      any) in club colours
    · dealing with respective suppliers of more specialised kit options
    · publishing kit announcements or any special offers our suppliers may have on club platforms
If you think you'd like to take on this role, please contact John Ritchie on chair@teammk.com or Lucie on club-admin@teammk.com