Team Milton Keynes Time Trial: Monday 14th June 2021
Course: F5v/10, Astwood Circuit
Start time: 7:00pm
Maximum riders: 60       Spaces booked: 30      Spaces available: 30



You can pay for your entry fee by BACS, in which case please do so by 19:00 on the day before race day. Alternatively, payments are accepted at the start. There may be card payments available, but THIS CANNOT BE GUARANTEED as it requires both cellular signal and the availability of a volunteer to run it. Cash will also be accepted.

Please indicate how you intend to pay when you register for the race.
Start position Bib number Name Age TMK member? Bike
1 TBC Glenn Utteridge 42 no TT bike
2 TBC Neil Arlett 55 no Road bike
3 TBC Jim Eastment 61 no Road bike
4 TBC David Forbes 55 yes TT bike
5 TBC Livvy Pearson 15 yes Road bike
6 TBC Ruth Gray 40 yes Road bike
7 TBC Lizzy Archer 32 yes Road bike
8 TBC Wendy Clarke 50 no Road bike
9 TBC Bruce Giles 45 no Road bike
10 TBC Paul Haigh 60 yes Road bike
11 TBC Jayden Hill 16 yes Road bike
12 TBC Chris Bradbury 31 yes Road bike
13 TBC Harry Weedon 17 yes Road bike
14 TBC Luke Marshall 17 no TT bike
15 TBC Lee Kerner 48 no TT bike
16 TBC James McGlade 46 no Road bike
17 TBC Bart Rienties 44 yes TT bike
18 TBC David Carrington 55 yes Road bike
19 TBC Ed Stivala 53 no TT bike
20 TBC Ritchie Dixon 53 yes Road bike
21 TBC Adrian Cox 60 yes TT bike
22 TBC Roy Chamberlain 56 no Road bike
23 TBC Adam Ziya 58 yes Road bike
24 TBC Simon Liddle 29 no Road bike
25 TBC Adam Fisher 38 no TT bike
26 TBC Stephen Johns 54 no Road bike
27 TBC Joe Kerner 18 no TT bike
28 TBC Jo Parker 67 yes TT bike
29 TBC Gray Church 55 yes TT bike
30 TBC Neil McAndrew 63 yes TT bike
31 TBC
32 TBC
33 TBC
34 TBC
35 TBC
36 TBC
37 TBC
38 TBC
39 TBC
40 TBC
41 TBC
42 TBC
43 TBC
44 TBC
45 TBC
46 TBC
47 TBC
48 TBC
49 TBC
50 TBC
51 TBC
52 TBC
53 TBC
54 TBC
55 TBC
56 TBC
57 TBC
58 TBC
59 TBC
60 TBC



Are you a member of Team Milton Keynes?

Please provide an email address for confirmation of your entry.

For Covid-19 tracing reasons, please provide your contact details in case we need to contact you after the event.

In case of emergency, please provide details of a contact who can be reached during the race.

Please select whether you intend to pay by BACS in advance, or at the start.

Please indicate what type of bike you intend to ride.